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  1. Sheema sticks to what she is promising. Rely on every her word. She is not cheap in neither sense. She is educated, has humor and has more than the needed sensuality to make your treatment enjoyable, relaxing, exploding! Nothing for the kick-and-rush-consumer. I am happy, grateful and finally satisfied having been with her.

  2. I first met shema three months ago my first 60 minute session and it was something I really needed! Yesterday I set up a 90 minute session with shema after constant travel since then! it was even better then before! She takes her time, she doesn’t rush, all of her attention is on u! she is just something else words can’t explain! Wow I’m still tingling n it’s been 12 hours ago! Thanks Shema!!!

  3. This morning I had another session with Shema. I had one last week and I have another one scheduled of next week.
    It’s becoming something I just don’t want to deprive myself of.
    Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the experience. Now a once a week schedule may not fit into your budget but simply put aside $25 a week and every five weeks you too can experience a “slice of heaven” Aren’t you worth it?

  4. Thank you for a great session. It was just what was needed after a trying week. Your magic hands put my body in the perfect state. Can’t wait until we meet again!

  5. She was amazing, very sexy and beautiful sweet lady, I was a bit nervous but you took care of that :-) I will defiantly come back to see ms shema after my trip.

  6. I saw Shema last week, what a treat! she provides an outstanding experience and I look forward to my next visit.


  7. Hey Shema….T here. Had an awesome time with you and Diamond yesterday, and I’ll be back down next month. That’s my treat! Have a great one!

  8. I’ve been a client of shema for a couple a years! Finally built up the courage for a four hand! Wow!! Shema n Diamond are awesome! Try it one time guys!!! Lol!

    • I have been seeing Shema for almost three years.

      Each time I see her she brings me to an even higher level of sensual, sexual pleasure. Today I reached a level I thought wasn’t possible !

      After my second or third session Shema suggested that I try a four hand session. She said every man should experience it at least once in his lifetime. I said no….that wasn’t for me.

      I went on to have at least six more sessions privately with Shema and she never mentioned it again.

      Her words kept echoing in my ear…..”Every man should experience at least once….”

      Today I met Shema and Diamond together for the first time.

      I simply don’t know where to begin. It was the most fantastic experience of my life….and I have “Been around”

      By far Shema is the essence of this experience……I will be seeing her as long as I am alive but Diamond brought another aspect to the table.

      Thank-you ladies for the experience of my life! Each of you bring your special talents……I an forever grateful.


  9. My first time ever getting a tantra massage! First time ever getting a sensual massage! All I can say is believe what you’ve read! I felt n fill marvelous! I will be returning!!!!

  10. My first time ever having a tantra massage! I connected with shema immediately! Energy! She is a queen ! Absolutely wonderful session! I needed that!

  11. I entered Shema’s beautifully decorated and spotlessly clean condominium and was instantly put at ease by her warm and friendly manner. Any nervousness that I had quickly evaporated. The massage area, with its waterfall and Tantric music was extremely soothing and relaxing. Shema then applied warm lotion and massaged every inch of my body with an experienced and sensuous touch. I had been experiencing a stiff neck and shoulder for over a week, and Shema’s magic hands cured me completely and all pain and stiffness disappeared. She advertises Tantra/sensual topless and provides that and more. She is a very sexual being and shares that with her clients, providing a sensually stimulating experience that works wonderfully, even for those of us over 70. I was so drained and relaxed after our session that I was seriously afraid of falling asleep on the drive home, but thankfully I accepted her parting offer of water or green tea and that began to wake me up. I have a smile on my face as I write this review, reliving that wonderfully blissful experience. This was my first visit to Shema but I’ll return as soon as possible.

  12. Went Back to see shema today, after 5 days, truely addicted!!!! Smh! I may go broke! But I surely will be a happy broke! Lol

  13. I’ve experienced Tantra all over the world. My experience with Shema was out of this world. I did not know I had the capacity for the level of intensity Shema brought me to in our session. I am still tingling nearly 24 hours later! Shema, you are amazing!!!

  14. Thank you Shema for today’s experience. II had never experienced anything of that sort in my life. You rocked me to my very core with the most powerful release of energy I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t know I was capable of feeling such a strong and powerful orgasm as the one your hands worked on me. Every time my mind recalls what happened this morning I have this feeling of satisfaction rush over me. Hours later I’m still enjoying the after effects. Thanks again!

  15. I’ve been trying to get an appt with shema for 3 weeks, she was always booked ! Finally got in for a session! She is very special ! I agree with what everyone has said! Now I see why it’s hard to get an appt!

  16. I’ve been seeing shema for about 2 years! She’s the best wouldn’t change it for the world ! Well decided to try the 4hand! Guys you need a very strong heart! That’s all I’m gonna say!!!!

  17. Saw shema today after trying to make an appointment for two weeks! I see why she is so busy ! This beautiful mature woman really knows her stuff! I left feeling so relaxed positive she knows how to make you feel like somebody! I will definitely be returning

  18. Thank You Shema. It was a totally wonderful experience. The best. Shema delivers with perfection. She is special!

  19. I just can’t say enough about how much I have enjoyed my sessions with Sheema.

    A man of my age (73) definitely appreciated the “Sheema Experience ” but I highly recommend it.

  20. Had visited shema a year ago while in town on business, I was so glad she was still around , I see why she is so popular she gives an awesome massage!

  21. I was visiting the area for the holidays from out of town had set up a prior 90 min session with shema wanted to try the tantra massage! Wow, I felt like I was floating after leaving my session! Hope that I can find someone in my area that does tantra or I will be visiting shema a lot , just a great experience ! She’s a beautiful person!

  22. Got in to see shema today after trying for I know a few weeks! She was always booked or our scheduling didn’t work for us! I see why she is always booked! What an amazing beautiful woman inside and out! I left that session feeling so much better! Mentally, physically, spiritually, it’s like I’ve known her all my life! Thank you so much shema!!! You are definitely what I need in my life!!!!

  23. I saw shema and Brandy over the weekend when they visit my city, What an awesome fourhands that I had! Guys these are two beautiful ladies! And they definitely know what they doing with lots of experience! Can’t wait till they return because I definitely will book again!

  24. Had my first visit with Shema and my first tantra massage. All around great experience!! If your tired of the standard walk in massage, give Shema just one try, and you will become a regular client!! I will be back……again and again! She definitely knows her stuff!!!!

  25. Thank You Shema. It was a totally wonderful experience. The best. Shema can read you, figure out what you need and deliver it with perfection. She is special!

  26. I have been getting massages from Shema for over three years. She is amazing! I have an appointment coming up for my first four hand massage. If you have never had a massage, are reluctant because of the unknown factors. if your worried about your safety. Shema is the person to go to.

    First, she will put you at ease and make you feel comfortable.
    You will be going to an upscale residence with plenty of good free parking. You will be in a very respectable, cosmopolitan neighborhood.

    Second, Within five minutes all your fear will be gone. Shema is a attractive, friendly person.

    Third, You wouldn’t leave unhappy….Shema doesn’t disappoint !

    Fourth. You will be asking yourself…..”why have I waited so long?”

    Fifth, Start planning your next visit!

  27. Shema! shema! shema! I have been going to shema for the last 4 years! These are my thoughts that i would like to share! Everyone needs a special place. My place is in a quiet sanctuary that is located in the deep recesses of my mind. I can only go there when a special kind of professional takes me there by the hand. My special person is a massage therapist, who has what can only be described as the touch of grace. It is my firm belief that a good massage, not only relaxes the body, but releases a flood of the hormones of happiness that fllod both the body and the soul. For at least 90 minutes one of her massages shuts the doors of reality and opens my entire being to new vistas that take place in my personal sanctuary where cool thoughts, dreams and even hallucinations occur with regularity.

    Her name is Shema.

  28. just had my first session with shema, i look for more experienced massages with older women, not into young girls below 35, dont want to be touched by my daughter, niece or grand daugter, turns me completely off. This was my 3rd session with an older woman. My experience based on women in their forties and fifties. They are sexually experienced. They have had experience in life itself. They are realistic . They expect respect and I give it to them. They understand men and their needs. They are serious about sex and romance and know the difference. Shema is exactly what i expected and more!!! Thanks shema!!!

  29. aaawww, i am so overwhelmed with all the wonderful comments, thank u all sooo very much (teardrops) I love and appreciate you all!!!

  30. I just can’t say enough about how much I have enjoyed my sessions with Sheema.
    I have come to realize that she remembers just what I like. Now she pays special attention to those specific areas and I don’t even have to ask.

    A man of any age would appreciate his “Sheema Experience ” but I highly recommend it for a man over 50.

  31. Went to see Shema today for my first Tantra experience and all I can say is that I didn’t want to leave! I will be a regular from here on out… Shema is everything she says she is and more!

  32. I have been going to Shema for three years now I will never change providers, each time I go for a session it gets more more awesome! If only I had her to come home to every day!

  33. Saw Shema’s ad for awhile! Called and set up an appointment! i just get turned on by mature women who knows how to carry themselves around with confidence… i mean mature women who knows how to take care of themselves physically and can move around with confidence are really a big turn on for me… it’s the confidence and the i’m-hot -and-sexy-attitude that really draws me towards mature women… i really love and adore mature women whose aura exudes confidence… i found her! Shema is all of that and more!

  34. Fellows I agree with Greg I did the same thing going to different providers and wasted lots of money the service was just terrible, i will never ever do that again I will continue going to Shema she provides the best service the best massage you would denitely be hooked, I guarantee you!

  35. I’ve been going to shema for a long time! Several things I can say! She’s local, she’s reliable, she gives excellent service, she’s got a positive personality, she’s beautiful inside n out, she has a heart of gold, she’s the missing link of what us older men are longing for the touch the pampering the bliss! I don’t know where I would be without her! Thanks shema for making my life whole!!!!!

  36. I have been seeing Shema since she first started, each session has always been more pleasurable then the last, she is my motivater, my medicine, my doctor, my therapist, when i am down, overworked, depressed, she definitely is my cure, i know i will feel so much better after i have had a session with her. Shema you are soooo loved!!!!!

  37. fella’s, please don’t make the same mistake i did. i came to see shema to get a tantra massage almost a year ago! the experience was great the best! but i said to myself i’m not coming all the way to Rockville to get this, i can find this some place closer to me! after wasting time and money for a whole year i realized! why look for a replacement when you have the original. I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY 4 HAND SESSION!

  38. Had my first four hand last night and yes it was a night to remember. For the first part I couldn’t tell the difference between the hands. Then came the real exciting part and I was really pleased. Their solo purpose was to take care of me.Saying and doing anything to make you feel good. OH Yeah it was that amazing. Then afterwards I had time left so they cuddled with me and we had great conversations .I couldn’t believe I had two beautiful ladies under my arms talk about being spoiled. Man I wish I could stay in that moment forever. Best experience ever ever ever !!!! Gentlemen if you haven’t tried the four hand you need to.

  39. Well I have been reading shema ad a long while now And decided to make an appointment while I was on my holiday vacation. Having to drive two hours I was hoping that it would be worth the drive! Wow everything that everyone has says is the absolute truth I had never felt this way since I was in my 20′s! It was definitely worth the drive and I will be driving back all the time now! What an awesome massage!

  40. Wow I am addicted! Saw Sheema for the first time on Monday wow! Was thinking about that awesome touch for two days. Set up another appointment up again today Wednesday and it was even more awesome then the first time! I’m going to go broke seeing Shema but is definitely worth it!

  41. I had my first appointment with shema 2 weeks ago, after trying to get in to see her for a month. I was looking for just a whole new rejuvenation of my mind, body, and soul! Just needed something! I had gone to many other providers and they just wasnt doing the dame thing!!! I have found my provider, i am now and will be going to see her every week. she is what i’ve been longing for for a long time! Tantra is the bomb!!!!

  42. I have been to see Sheema five or six times. Obviously , I keep going back.

    She is the “Real Thing” ! An outstanding value in a comfortable, clean, safe environment .

    From the moment you walk in you will feel like you have never felt before.

    Just surrender your body to Sheema…She will take care of everything!

  43. I scheduled a 90 minute session with shema today! I really hate to admit this, but it was so intense I couldn’t go over 60 minutes! I’ve had tantra done many times, and never like this, this girl knows her stuff! The best I’ve ever had!!!!

  44. Thank you again for the wonderful massage and sensual experience you gave to me today. I look forward to more tantra lessons
    from the warm and sexy Shema. BTW… you were right. After my time with you, I drove that 15-20 mile stretch of I-495 between your place and mine with the most relaxed attitude… thinking about you and your tantra touches.

  45. I’ve been seeing Shema’s ad, and it seemed like tantra was something that I wanted to try, living an hour n a half away I set up an appt over the holidays, on my way driving there I was hoping that this would be worth the drive!!!! Fellows it was n is worth the drive!!! I will be driving back!!!

  46. I had my first tantra massage by Shema today. I arrived a little nervous and tense… she put me at ease quickly with her friendly warmth and ease with herself. When the massage began, I could tell I was in the hands of a very experienced pro who knew what she was doing, and it was clear she enjoys it, too. Shema was warm and delightful, and the massage was un-rushed and wonderful from beginning to end. I left her studio feeling very good and relaxed from head to toe… I am looking forward to seeing her again, soon.

  47. I visited Shema on 12/10/2015 and I have to say I had the most exhilarating massage I have ever experienced. Through my needs for getting a massage there has been many that I have visited but none can compare. I felt the intense and warmth that Shema gave to me throughout the entire massage. I highly recomment that you call and make an appointment to visit, I intend to make an appointment for the 4 hand masssage. Shema love you are the best.

  48. I saw shema over the holiday break! There’s no more that I can say from what everyone else says all I can say is that I feel way younger younger than i actually am, that touch! she’s just a fantastic lady!

  49. Sheema offers a lot of sexual pleasure. If your looking for a young Asian lady just out of her teens, who you won’t understand, go somewhere else!
    If you want a very sensual lady, who will explore every inch of your body, taking care to bring you to an extremely high sexual high….you have found Nirvana.

    Sheema never rushes you, makes you feel pampered and privileged. After you have had your ” happiest moment” You might expected to be rushed out the door. Never so with Sheema, in fact, you’re only half done!

    You need to be prepared to leave. You will be covered with hot towels and your entire body will dried .

    The best part is the cost……..there is no better value anywhere for the level of service received here.

  50. I have been going to shema for 4 years! Shema is a cosmic force that you can definitely get addicted to! I know where to go when I need total relaxation a supply of energy n just good conversation, she has that power! Just a beautiful friendly person !

  51. I had never had a massage before, never mind a tantra massage. Shema took her time and made me feel comfortable. When the session was over I felt like a new man. Looking forward to my next session.

  52. Had my first session with shema today, wow! wow! wow! a beautiful woman inside and out!! definitely will be back!!!

  53. I’ve been to see Shema twice. once was a four hand massage and there was just too much going on. I went back just to experience Sheema’s massage. She welcomes you like an old friend and puts you at ease. then she has you come Ito the bedroom, if you want an exceptional massage, visit Sheema.

  54. I went to see shema today for the first time! Wow just awesome! Believe everything that has been said! Just awesome!!!!!! I will never go back to regular massage! I feel so good !!!

  55. I have seen Shema several times in the past.
    Last week I returned. Why did I wait so long? I could have been experiencing all this pleasure, pampering and attention.

    You will find her in a very upscale residence. Any feeling of apprehension will be gone and replaced with a smile on your face . You won’t be looking over your shoulder…’re in the safest place on earth.

    I particularly recommend seeing Shema if you’re over 40 and never been to a private practitioner before.

    I do believe if you open any dictionary and look up the word Tantric……Shema’s picture should be there…..she defines the word!

  56. Had an hour session today with Shema. Really great experience and she is so professional. She makes you feel relax, Great massage and even propose you some water or green tea at the end. Will surely repeat ! Give it a try !

  57. Met shema the first time today, there’s nothing else i can say differently than what all the other comments have indicated, she is just one of a kind, MARVELOUS SESSION!

  58. I had my first tantra session with shema 3 weeks ago, lol lol i’m addicted, went back today, n i normally get a massage every 3 months, kept thinking how good i felt the first time, and needed that good feeling again, well looks like i will get a shema tantra bliss once a month now! My body is craving the tantra! Will never go back to a regular massage. This woman is a healer!!!!

  59. Had my first visit with Shema and my first tantra massage. All around great experience!! If your tired of the standard walk in massage, give this lady just one try, and you will become a regular client!! I will be back……again and again

  60. I agree with all of the comments said about shema, i have been a client of hers for about 4 years, i travel a lot, and always look forward to coming home to see her, she just makes my life so much better! Love u Shema!!!!!!

  61. Just had my first session with Shema. I can just say go go go…don’t think twice about it. If you’re into mature Ebony, Shema knows exactly which buttons to press.
    Completely relaxed atmosphere, and she thinks of everything from A to Z..
    you’ll leave feeling like a new man, and you’ll be thinking of the next time you want to come over.
    Can’t wait to try the 4-hand massage with her & her friend….

  62. was visiting the area n wanted to try the tantra session with shema, wow, so different than a regular massage, my whole body felt different after the tantra experience, i will definitely see shema every time i am in the area! This was truly a wonderful experience. It was nothing short of perfection. We must do it again. Thanks.

  63. Had my first session with shema 2 weeks ago, i enjoyed it sooo much, i returned today for another one, and it was even more intense than 2 weeks ago, this woman is the bomb!!!!

  64. This was my first visit to see Shema and let me tell u, it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. :-)

  65. Been seeing Shema for about 3 years, all i can say she is one of a kind!!!!!personality, looks, she is every mans dream come true!! just a wonderful person!!!!

  66. I have been seeing Shema advertise on Backpage for a long time. I wanted a break from the very young providers and wanted to see someone more mature. Her own website description of her tantra was intriguing as she apparently has studied and taken a lot of course. Gave it a try. Easy to set up appointment, although with my schedule I found out I need to give more advance notice. It was worth the effort – I would repeat

  67. I had my first tantric experience with Sheema, and it definitely will not be the last! I am hooked, and Sheema has a new regular client!

  68. I set up n had a 90 minute session with shema today! I was looking for something and have tried different masseuse, With no satisfaction! The tantra massage that Shema performs, Was exactly what I was looking for! She is very friendly has a fantastic personality, Beautiful, She’s one-of-a-kind! I found my queen!

  69. I saw shema for my first session, I didn’t have Any idea what tantra massage was! It started out with the massage of my outer body! And my body felt great, That was the relaxing part, Then we went into the sensual Part which is Tantra! Wow !!! This woman knows her stuff! I will definitely be returning!

  70. All i can say is! I’ve been a client of Shema’s for six months and all I can say is this woman knows her stuff!

  71. I am from the west coast n was stuck n the area during the storm so I was very stressed out call shema set up a session I have had tantra done in Cali before but I know one thing the EAST coast definitely has the WEST coast beat with shema’s tantra massage hope I get stuck again!!! Beautiful lady n definitely knows what she’s doing!

  72. Had my first 4-hand session with shema n brandie! I have seen shema several times n wanted to brave the next level wondering how much better could it get! Fellows!!! 2 fine classy beautiful older mature females, laughing! Don’t try it if you have a weak heart! All I can say! what a dreamt about fantasy! They will take you to the unknown! I’m still smiling !!!!

  73. I have been trying to get into see Shema now for about three weeks and finally today was my lucky day I got to set up an appointment with her. There is nothing more that I can say that everyone else has said! Just was a wonderful session! I will definitely be coming back now that I’m in! Thanks shema!!! Xoxo

  74. I saw shema for my first session, I didn’t have Any idea what tantra massage was! It started out with the massage of my outer body! And my body felt great, That was the relaxing part, Then we went into the sensual Part which is Tantra! Wow !!! This woman knows her stuff! I will definitely be returning!
    Jim bob

  75. Shema is so great i saw her advertise picture is nice it’s Make her beautiful face leg and all her buddy shap
    To comper with 50 y i dont think so she 30′s to me
    Any way she so look good

  76. It is so great to see shema and her advertise you cannot compare with her age 50 becouse that’s just number to compare with her self
    She got great buddy leaps, legs and face she look like 30′s any way let me stop here

  77. I am a new client of Shema, She gives something that every man is looking for! the personal touch, the attention, to be pampered, she Absolutely makes you feel like you’re a king! She is awesome!

  78. Had a session with shema today n WOW is all I can say what a gorcious classy lady! I will return again n again!

  79. I have been a client of shema’s for 3 years now, and each session gets more and more intense, she is a wonderful, classy and of course beautiful mature woman.

  80. Hi Shema,

    I was the grateful recipient of your service two years ago. I can tell you that NO OTHER provider compares to you!! I have honestly been searching since November 2012 to find it. The other so called tantra specialists are a joke only I’m not laughing. Even tried the Nuru & it still didn’t compare. YOU spoiled me. I am in California and don’t get to the East Coast regular please come to Southern California!

  81. Good evening Shema,

    Just wanted to say Thank You for our recent session. My first session with you was great, this session completely blew my mind. I was so relaxed when I returned back to my hotel. I enjoyed a good dinner and a good night’s sleep. In the morning, I felt refreshed and alert, and I was able to do my cardio session. Even my drive back home was relaxing. To paraphrase, Dunkin’ Donuts, You are definitely worth the trip.

    Again, many thanks for the our lovely encounter, the positive energy, and the caring advice and input. You are definitely exotic, beautiful, sexy, intelligent, nurturing, and supportive. I will be in touch shortly for another mind-blowing session.

    Be well and stay well.

    Love always,

  82. I just got off the phone with Shema. I arranged what must be my 10th or 11tn time that I have been to see her.
    This is half the fun thinking about how great tomorrow will be.

    Just think about that guys, if someone will go 10 times to one provider….just how wonderful could it possibly be?

  83. Had my first 4hand with shema n brandy today! Wow! They r not only beautiful but sexy, exotic, n sensual! Nothing like two older matual females that knows exactly how to make a man feel good! Every man should make it a point to see these two!!!!!

  84. Had my first visit with Shema and my first tantra massage. All around great experience!! If your tired of the standard walk in massage, give this lady just one try, and you will become a regular client!! I will be back……again and again

  85. My first time ever getting a tantra massage! First time ever getting a sensual massage! All I can say is believe what you’ve read! I felt n fill marvelous! I will be returning!!!!

  86. Do yourself a favor……Go see Shema ! You won’t be disappointed .

    A word of advice, know what it is that you’re looking for.

    Read the FAQ portion of her web page.

    What she says she does….She more than does. You have never been treated this well.

    What she says she doesn’t ….She doesn’t ……Stay at home and take a cold shower. Now take that first step to Utopia ……you have never felt so good in your life…..Call Shema

  87. I just wanted to say Thank You again for our recent session (4/2) and for taking me on such short notice.

    You made me feel very relaxed and at ease. I am still thinking about our encounter and I am planning to
    return for a another session. You are definitely worth the drive.

    Not only are you exotic, sexy and beautiful, but nurturing and supportive. Thank you again for our lovely encounter,
    as well as the caring advice and the positive energy. I look forward to our next session and I will contact you very

    Be well and stay well.

    Love always,

  88. shema’s the best!!! N she knows it!!! been a client for 5 years, i dont know what i will do if she ever stops!!! love u babe!!!!

  89. Saw shema close to a year ago and went back to try a 4 hand massage. Worth every penny. Shema makes you feel very comfortable and her studio is very upscale and nice, the complex is very nice and doesnt make you want to look over your shoulder wondering whos watching. Brandy looks to be a little younger than shema but was very beautiful and made a perfect partner. Great experience, 4 hand is a must try.

  90. Dear Shema,

    Thank you very much for the wonderful interlude this afternoon. I still feel wonderful. And thank you for rearranging your schedule so you could see me. Next time I will try to contact you further in advance so that we can properly schedule a 90 minute session, or possibly longer.

    Hugs and kisses,

  91. As the frigid hands of “Mother Nature” still held us tightly I started to think about the ever so warm hands of Shema. I made ninth or tenth appointment.
    Never a disappointment, Shema lived up to her reputation!
    This woman never fails!

  92. Saw shema n traveled 90 mins away! It was definitely worth the trip! She just gives you so much positive energy being around her! I was floating n still am! Thanks shema

  93. I finally was able to set up a session with shema After trying for a month! It worked by me booking 2 days in advance! She is what everyone has said here! When I was there I booked a 90 min session for the next day! Hooked I am! Already booked again for the following week!

  94. Wanted to start off 2014 doing me, taking care of me! Been seeing Shema’s ad, so i made the plunge of calling and setting up an appointment! Got in! Believe what you are reading!!! Shema is all that! She is definitely what i needed going into 2014!! Wow!!!

  95. I have yet to see Shema, but are looking forward to the experience…Lol… I am hoping she has time for me today ;)

  96. Had my first session with shema over the holidays! I am 25yrs old, and wanted to try something different with a older mature woman who has a llittle more experience than these younger females. Shema is hot and sexy as hell for her age! wow what an experience, i will never do young again!!! dame hot hot hot!!!!

  97. Saw ads for her and I was curious about her tantric massage. I needed a release so I decided to see her. Easy to set up, and she is located in a nice area. Called to get the room number and went in. If you are looking for a good massage and you should try her, i will repeat!!!!

  98. What a Sumptuous Unforgettable Lady
    Nice building, no concierge and their suspicious eyes to be wary about. I had some spare cash from benefits for last year, so I wanted to have some fun. She was great, no clock watching and it wasn’t till I looked up and noticed the clock had two minutes left in our session. Service: Very good…lots of energy. I will not delve into my Don Juan Jr.-esque powers of seduction, nor reveal if they had an effect on her and her interactions and thus session with me. Grabbed a quick shower and we chatted some more before I left. She definitely has a regular client!!!!

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